Friday, May 10, 2013

3D Art Backup...

Here are a bunch of W.I.P.'s I have in the works and will have finished (retopped, painted, posed, etc.) hopefully within the next few months!

This is a sculpt of a head I concepted a few weeks (months) back. He is coming along... but not done. WIP

This is (or will be) a bust of DC's Darkseid. WIP

This is a mermaid lady who I need to paint. I don't intend to retop her- she's just a fun 5hr sculpt. WIP

This is a dead guy I made for a school production I worked on. He is pretty much done- although this is just the zbrush highpoly version of him. I'll post a low poly posed version of him soon!

This is a bad guy! He was made for the same production as the last guy... except he's not dead. He's done too- will post his low poly, posed version soon!

This is a character for a project that ended before this was used. It was for an upstart studio now named PixelFist Games. Need to finish his Diffuse and Specular maps but he's ready for rigging. Will post Low poly, posed soon! WIP

 This is Slipperhead! I threw his concept up here a few weeks ago. He's got a long way to go. His retop is done but I need to finish his Diffuse and Specular maps as well as bake a new Normal map for him. Will post when he's done! WIP

 This is an adorable old man I'm working on for a new production for school. He's still in very early stages but ready for retopping. Will continue to post his updates as they come along!

And finally this is for a DBZ challenge group I joined on facebook... and for class! Here's the redesign concept I did of the movie character Coola! And the original design... done by someone on the internet.

And what I have so far on the sculpt... such a long way to go... WIP 

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