Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Monster Brothers

I colored the ones I liked. I went with colors that complemented each other (although not quite a complimentary color scheme) I think it could work.Ooh ya! And I came up with a COOL name for them you ready?...THE MONSTER BROTHERS! Oh well, I like it and want to start on their story a.s.a.p. AND I WILL! Okay here they is.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Language of Animation Project 1

Ok. The time has finally come! I started school Last week and I've got projects starting up left and right. This is my fist project in my Language of Animation class and the only one worth showing so far.

The assignment was to create a completely original character and draw and color him in two different action poses. The poses and colors are to identify his back story (which we will write later on in the quarter and eventually story board) I drew a few different characters and here are two clean ones.

Attempts 1
^This was a fun pose to draw- really had to remember my perspective and shapes.^

This guy was one of my favorite set of sketches but when I finished him I didn't like him. I found out colored pencils and I don't like each other and need to get to know each other a little better before we try and finish something together. I also thought the pose was too suggestive- but hey that could've worked for the character... oh well

^After a few more sketches I drew these guys up and think that a really fun story lies behind them.I'm not really sure what that story is yet but It'll come to me. I haven't decided on the colors yet but I know I'll be using digital this time. yep^

So this was a fun pose to draw too! I like the lumbering...ness of the big guy (probably need to thin of a name, huh?) I think he'll be a protector. and the boy will be secretly amazing at something.

"Be careful computers eat transformers they too are more than meets the eye."