Monday, August 30, 2010

Figure Gestures

These are a few gestures compiled over last semester in my figure drawing class and in a 'drawathon'. I really dug the process that the professor had us use... mostly because I like to work very quickly. Basically we were taught to put the gesture sketch at the base of every figure before we flesh out the more detailed things... like faces... and hands... and feet... and nipples. Any way it was a good experience all around- for me anyway.

Nude Female Fig. 1
This is a longer sketch done in pen- about 5min or so. I crosshatched it- which I do a lot... I like crosshatching.

Female Profile Portrait
This is the same figure from above. This is done in pencil and, once again, done with crosshatching. It took about 30min or so. 

Nude Female Fig. 2
A very quick gesture- about 1-2min. This is one of many short gestures of a beginning-of-class exercise we did to loosen up for a longer piece. 

Female Nude Fig. 3
On this one I tried to bring out the figure with shape by using the broad side of the charcoal instead of line like I usually do. 8min.

Ricardo Profile Portrait
Done in pencil took about 5-10min.

Action Pose w/Sword 1
Done with one of my swords- I had my friend pose for a school assignment. 1-2min.

Action Pose w/Sword 2
Same assignment.. now much cooler with 2 swords! 5min.

Action Pose w/Sword 3

Roommate Gestures
These were all done in my living room. 1-2min each.

Female Nude Fig.4
This is a longer piece- one of my first in the class but one of my favorites and, I think, most successful. I attempted to use the lighting to my advantage. A longer piece not quite finished and not quite a gesture. 20-30min.

So ya these are pretty much my favorite pieces from my last days at University of Central Missouri!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lines and Colors

A commission for my friend Anton 

He wanted to be a Street Fighter. 05/2010

A random redesign of Blanka 

A redesign of Leatherhead

A fun attempt at designing Monkey King

This is the process I use for coloring. I learned it from a very helpful link posted by the amazing Jeff 'Chamba' Cruz. Thanks a million for posting it!

These were all finished in PS.CS3 with an Intuos3 tablet. 

Getting Started...

These are the first word's I read at my new job this week. Only seems appropriate I guess.

On the 9th of August 2010 I Officially started my life in Seattle, Washington- which is kind of a big deal to me. Ever since I could remember I've wanted to be an artist, and more specifically as of late, I've wanted to be an animator.

The town where I grew up was small and in the middle of nowhere, Missouri. I love the people there but my career and life choices forced me to leave and go somewhere I can continue my love for animation. Well... the only places people make cartoons is in the cities! So I moved out here for school and now I'm getting settled to start surviving. Let me tell you- if you have any ounce of desire to be independent financially while trying to go to college...IT SUCKS. But I know I want a future in this so I'll keep it up to get where I want to go. Any who- thats my life right now and I plan on posting some good ol' pic's for everybody to see so ya!